Twitter Etiquette Mini-Rant

February 25, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

For the last several months I’ve been dipping my toes into Twitter so that I can better understand it.  You can find me here @Hershel_Miller.

I don’t tend to be the ranting type, but there’s something in the Twittersphere that bugs me.  All of the sudden I receive a Direct Message (DM) in my in box.  I think, okay cool I’m relating to this person, or organization on the interweb, great.  So I go to reply to their direct message and…..

chirp, chirp, chirp


that’s right, because they are not following me I can’t reply to their direct message.  If you don’t feel it necessary to follow me, then please also don’t find it necessary to direct message me.  Why, because when someone sends me a private note, common etiquette would state that I cordially reply with a private note.  Well I can’t cordially reply with a private note, unless they are following me.  So what are my options then:

  • to call you out publicly and ask for a follow?  hmmm that’s not very cool.
  • To track down your contact details elsewhere and say, hey why don’t you follow me?  I don’t tend to have the time for this activity, unless of course I know you offline.
  • Just allow you to DM me whenever you like, that’s lame if I can’t respond in kind.
  • Unfollow you, hmmm, perhaps, but ya know I may be interested in the general stuff you have to say.

So Dear Twitter, I know you are working on things like “revenue” but how about a setting where I can say… only allow people to DM me if they are also following me.  Because I don’t want their one sided messages in my precious DM screen real estate unless I can DM them back.

btw- I was recently direct messaged with some spam, and me being the good guy was going to reply to the account the spam passed through and just say… hey just so ya know you just spammed me, but I couldn’t since they weren’t following me… sigh

Okay mini-rant over.  If you happen to DM me please provide a follow as well. :-)

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Hershel Miller is the Digital Marketing Director at Shoutlet - Enterprise Social Media Management Software, and has extensive experience selling and marketing various technology products. From laptops to ecommerce systems, video equipment to Saas software Hershel understands technology. He also happens to be married to Jamie Miller, Realtor with Bunbury & Associates. His words and opinions here are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of his employer, or wife.